The Capture of Rahimi

When Goa was liberated through opeartion vijay in 1961, it was the end of 451 years of Portuguese rule in India. An exploration of the decline of portugese Influence in India.

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The Saraswati Saga 1

The Saraswati river was considered to be a myth for generations, till evidence started surfacing of its existence in the most unlikely of places; the deserts of Rajasthan.

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The Saraswati Saga 2

The discovery of Indus valley sites following the ancient Saraswati riverbed, forces us to view history through the lens of envirnonmental changes rather than just Human acts .

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A Mountain of Light

Humayun's tryst with a gem that captured many hearts. Fortunate or un-fortunate you make the call.

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Four Pillars
that keep our dream aloft.


Human interaction is influenced heavily by its environment. Art, Music, even conversations are better experienced when the audience is aware of the context (location/ history) they were made in.


Majority of the world’s population live in cities. An understanding of collective phenomena that arise out of individual interactions in cities would be imperative to engineer systems that foster the dynamics and vibrancy of city life.



Most actions have spatial components integral to them. Buying food or groceries, hailing a cab, asking for directions; all have the very physical component of location woven into it. If only you could wade through this clutter with ease.


Our sense of place in the present is incomplete without the knowledge of where we came from, without the stories of the lives which precede ours.

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